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May 14, 2021

It’s tire season again!

by JT Reworks

Well it’s that time of year again for many people. I actually changed mine 2 weeks ago as of this post and I probably really should have left it until about now due to the cold weather this year. So for those of you still having to do your tire change over especially this coming weekend I want to list a few tips for you.

I would also like to note this is mainly going to be aimed at those who have tires and rims for both their winter and summer since many people are unlikely to have a tire machine and balancer at home.

1: Clean your rims before you put them on your car.

While it may seem like a lot more work it’s actually easier to properly clean your rims before putting them on your vehicle. It’s also a good idea to put a coating of wax or a hybrid ceramic coating on your rims to help keep dirt and brake dust off them for longer.

2: Check your tread depths on both sets of tires.

Now reason I’m saying to check this on both sets of tires has a few advantages. Checking the tread depth on the tires that are coming off will allow you to check for uneven wear and cracking in the tread. If the set that is coming off have worn unevenly it would be a good idea to track down the issue before it happens to the summer set. Also you can see if the tread is getting low to the point where you may want to start saving for a new set next season. Now checking the tread depth of the set going onto the vehicle will allow you to position them for optimal tread wear.

3: As with the tread depth you should also check your tire pressures for both sets of tires.

Now there is a lot of controversy over this but I’m a firm believer in storing my tires at the OEM specification of vehicle they came off of. Reason being is that when you check your pressures the following season you can tell if one of the tires has developed a leak as it will be quite a bit lower than the others.

4: Always use jack stands even if you’re not working under the vehicle.

Some people like to shortcut it and just jack up the car undo the wheel and put the summer wheel on thinking there is no harm in not using a jack stand since they aren’t working under the car. Well, if you think about it if the jack were to suddenly drop when you were trying to position your wheel onto the hub you can basically say goodbye to your fender. Not to mention you have no clue where you fingers could be at that time. So remember it takes only a few seconds to position a jack stand under the car which can save you a lot of headaches.

5: Check the condition of your brakes while the wheels are off.

It’s always good to do a quick visual inspection of your brakes when you have the wheels off.

Check the rotors for scoring or pitting from excessive rust. Also check the inner and outer brake pad thickness, they should be close to even, a brake pad measuring tool is excellent for this. As for drums I would suggest to most people to leave them alone. If you try pulling them off and rust catches on the shoes you can certainly pull thins off of where they are supposed to go.

6: Clean your hub surfaces.

Don’t forget to clean your hub surfaces. Dirty hub surfaces I would personally say is one of the main contributors to “wheel offs”. Make sure there is no excessive rust or corrosion on the hub or rim mating surfaces.

7: Torque and retorque.

Don’t forget to torque your wheel to their recommended specifications for your vehicle. Also don’t forget to retorque your wheels after 50-100km as the stresses of driving can affect the torque of the wheels.

I think that’s it! Did I miss any tips or tricks that you would suggest? If I did message me on Instagram or via my contact form.

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