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Here you can find some of the more random things I’ve done or have come across that I haven’t found a spot for, they are in no particular order. Enjoy!

Now I won’t lie I have used various tools not for their intended purpose. However, my mother seems to use all of her gardening tools as a pry bar at some point. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to repair the garden tools we have. Here I did a fairly quick repair on the pitchfork and a more substantial repair on the garden trowel.

This is my new Tomahawk from CRKT and I will be posting a review on Amazon as well as on my site in the reviews section. Some people like the all natural feel of hickory however I prefer something with a little more grip. I first tackled the shoulder of the handle, I wanted some extra overstrike protection so I used normal 7 strand core paracord with a 2 strand ringbolt hitch as well as some headhunter’s knots to finish it off. Luckily the strapping on the sheath is spaced appropriately so that I could make the paracord long enough to serve as a grim when chocking the head without having it hinder the ability of the sheath to hold the handle. Next I moved on to the grip of the handle, here since the handle is a nice size for my hand I didn’t want to add too much more bulk so I opted to go for a coreless paracord. The grip wraping is a simple wrap around which I probably could have done more tightly together as you can still see a little of the wood underneath but I’m happy with it. I then finished it off with another headhunter style knot and a constrictor knot to act as a swell and originally I was going to have a wrist strap but opted to just have a small loop so I can hang the tomahawk when not in use.

Here’s something I’ve had to do at work and something you probably don’t want to have happen. Wheel bolts so tight they needed to be drilled out.

The little touches some companies do. This is one of the nicer tread monitors I’ve seen on a tire.

OMG tires tires tires! In just about every shop in Canada during tire season you’ll see the same thing tires everywhere. Here’s me showing off my OCD tire stacking skills.

Here we have some idiot at work who drove a car off the drive on hoist while it was still partially raised. Car was mostly undamaged but put a nice tire puncturing bend into one of the ramps. Had to bend it back with minimal damage. Sadly they don’t paint hoists in heat-resistant paint.

Our shop was employing multiple apprentices two of which were in school. All franchise shops in our area were doing the same thing by providing tools while apprentices were training in the shop for school. I custom engraved over 1000 items so the tools were less likely to get lost or taken.

Custom painted engine cover, calipers and center caps. Honestly, the pink doesn’t look all that bad on his white car.

Practicing my soldering and heat shrinking skills.

Seized spare tire removal for a customer. You don’t realize how crucial it is to inspect your emergency equipment until it’s too late.

You’ll want to avoid this mistake, make sure you put your wheel nuts on the right way around.

That face you make when you have to wear something you don’t like.

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