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PC Build: All Show No Go

Update #1 Feb 2, 2020

So now that my Cosmos Sv2 build is in a state of “I don’t want to do any more to it at the moment” I think it’s time to start something else. Now if you haven’t checked out my Cosmos Sv2 build, it would be great if you did, for those of you who have though you will know that I love the cosmos series of cases from Cooler Master. So when the opportunity arose for me to get a newer cosmos case I naturally jumped on it.

Meet my new case! The Cosmos C700M. Now I should probably explain the name of the build. I’m not rich by any means and it took me a long time to afford the Cosmos Sv2 build. So naturally I’m not going to be putting several thousand into a computer that I will not be using all the time. I still have my old build pictured here:

This system is what used to be in my Cosmos Sv2 build. It consists of a Phenom II x6 and an XFX hd 7950, hence the all show no go name since the system will look decently premium but will be running older than last gen hardware.

Unfortunately, literally as I was writing this my HD 7950 died while idling at the desktop. It actually makes me quite sad that it died since it had a very good looking all metal cooler on it. Now I will be in search of a new GPU but I fear I will not be able to find one with a good looking cooler on it that’s within my budget.

Also, when I unboxed the case and tested everything I noticed one of the front panel LEDs for the fan speed indicator is not working(ticket already submitted and in progress). I’m also a little worried about the rgb/fan controller board as I’ve read some people having issues with them but I think I have the updated board so not sure if I will have any issues. Ugh, I feel like this build is off to a terrible start. But at least the case looks really nice.

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