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Fiskars Products

Fiskars gets a lot of love and hate. On one hand people hate them for several reasons, from having bad steel to having poor design choices and others love them for the opposite reasons. I personally like Fiskars products from the fit and finish to how they perform and not to mention the affordable price they come at.

Fiskars 36-in Splitting Axe

The axe has a nice weight to it and is a little longer than recommended but I do enjoy a longer handled splitting axe. The factory edge is super sharp and is ready to use out of the packaging. The handle does transfer some vibration and is quite hard so I would recommend using a fairly thick or padded glove. The nice thing about the handle is that it’s nearly indestructible under normal use and wraps around the entire head meaning the head should never separate from the handle. It splits dry wood nicely I didn’t have any wet wood I needed split but I tried it on some knotted dry wood and the axe performed well and the handle takes overstrike hits from wood very well.

Fiskars 28-in Chopping Axe

This axe is the proper length for me and at this time the longest chopping axe Fiskars offers. Just like the splitting axe it has the same durable handle. Also like the splitting axe it comes super sharp and is ready to use. While using this axe I happened to mar the cutting edge by hitting a nail in one of the pieces of wood I cut. The edge didn’t get too damaged and it was easily touched up using a Speedy Sharp. It cuts deep and cleanly and doesn’t get stuck.

So, all in all these two axes are great for someone who may need to cut or split wood probably not on a regular basis but more often than just needing wood for a camp fire such as a household with a wood heater for secondary or emergency heat or a workshop heated with a wood stove. The steel durability is a little softer than higher quality, and higher priced, axes so they may not last generations but they are easy to put an edge on if dulled.

Fiskars 22oz Framing Hammer

Not sure what to say about the hammer as I am not going to be using it in an commercial environment and I’m not a framer. However, the grip is nice and seems to absorb a decent amount of vibration. I like the knurled non slip head meaning you’re less likely to slip especially on larger nails, like framing nails, and less likely to bend or drive them in on an angle. I haven’t fully tested the hammer but it does feel like a hammer that I would be confident using in various projects around the house.

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