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Rearranging pages

Glad I got most of the content of the site fixed. However, since this site is going to be more blog style I will be reordering how the pages are laid out. Currently I think all of them are in oldest to newest format which is not the best for blog style websites which is what this is. So I will be rearranging all the pages to follow the newest to oldest format with links to the bottom of the pages so you can follow the whole journey if you wish. If you have any suggestions hit me up via the contact page or my social media.


Media Transition Complete

So I have finally finished the media transition, some older articles may have media missing but the main pages are all done. Originally I had planned to strictly use Google drive only but it couldn’t keep up with the number of images I have on the site. After much trial and error I have decided to incorporate a hybrid of the two options available which unfortunately requires a little more work on my part. So through the CDN I will be hosting low quality media with it being linked to higher quality media stored via Google drive. I believe this delivers both speed on the site and the ability to still have access to high quality media. If there are any issues you happen to find you can let me know via my new contact page.


Media Transition

So for the next few days I will be transitioning all the media on the site to google drive and youtube. This is mainly due to there being a hard cap limit on wordpress of 200gb on the top tier plans. While yes that sounds like a lot it actually isn’t once you start factoring in videos and high resolution photos. With the transition I will have to manually move all the media on the site. With google drive while it will cost me money past a certain storage amount at least I have the option to expand up to 2TB going forward.


Well Then…

So I’ve been pretty quiet on my site here and well I’ve been pretty busy in my daily life. From moving back home to trying to find a job I actually like and can settle into and all sorts of stuff mixed in between, I am hopefully going to actually work on this site regularly. I have actually been stockpiling many pictures and videos of what I have been doing but haven’t been posting them to the site or social media.

At the end of 2020 I had decided to change NotSoEpicMods to something more, I guess professional sounding and I spent much of my holiday time off coming up with a new name. I am finally at the point where I am transitioning the site to the new name. Moving forward I will posting and updating everything under JT Reworks. The site will now be under the primary domain of as well. Now I will still be retaining the NotSoEpicMods moniker as I will still have some old content that references it and the domain will redirect to the new domain. I feel this new name sounds more mature and professional while still retaining relevance of what I like to do which is to create, modify and fix things.

During this transition the website may look a little broken and unfinished in some places. All the pages should work fine using the navigation menu but some internal links may not work as intended. I’m hoping I dedicate more time to updating the website going forward. Thank you for reading.


Why wheel torque is important.

Pictured above: Wheel that was over torqued and required 2 hours of drilling to remove the wheel without damaging it. 

It’s been that time of year for a few weeks now, and if you live in a colder climate you know what I’m talking about, winter tire season. Yes, the time of year many people dread, long wait times and for some the unfortunate news of a problem hindering the installation of their tires. One of the many reasons that could cause this is improper wheel torque, so it’s good to educate yourself. It’s sad to say but as someone who has worked in the automotive service industry for just over a decade it’s surprising how many little shortcuts some technicians/installers use. One shortcut many do is not properly torquing wheels onto vehicles and usually causing an over torque situation once the wheels need to be removed again. The worst of this I’ve witnessed personally many times where technicians claim they can “feel” the torque while using the impact gun. No matter what anyone claims to say and how much experience they may have there’s not way to “feel” the torque of an impact gun.

The next is not using torque sticks properly or not using the proper one. Somewhere along the line of automotive service history someone came of with the brilliant idea of using torque limiting sticks which are essentially a set of calibrated extensions put between the impact gun and the socket. These are somewhat the middle ground of doing it properly and doing it fast but they can be wildly inaccurate if not used properly. Torque sticks come in a variety of settings but come most commonly as ft/lbs in 60, 80, 90, 100, and 120. What many technicians don’t know is that torque sticks only limit a certain input range. For example, a 100 ft/lbs torque stick will limit an input of 200-350ft/lbs down to its rated 100ft/lbs. The problem lies in when you start to input more than 350ft/lbs which many of today’s impact guns are are easily capable of doubling. With the higher input torque the output will now also be higher but still reduced.

The proper way to tighten wheels is the use of a calibrated torque wrench and following the manufacturer’s procedures. This is the most accurate way to tighten wheel onto a vehicle but also takes the longest time to do. So now you know, obviously you’ll want to find a shop that follows the proper procedures but if you’re unsure of the place you’re getting tires put on ask them if they at least use torque sticks. Also, don’t forget to return for a wheel retorque, many shops offer it as a courtesy.


Think I finally found my favorite laces and they’re from Xpand.

No Tie Shoe Laces, Hickies and Xpand


Mazda 3 Update #2

The second update of mods to the 3rd gen Mazda is live. Find it Here–> Update #2


Had a rainy day at work last week.

It rained pretty hard one day last week and it was slow so I was basically just watching our drain for a little while.



9th Gen Civic Sedan Update #9

Update #9

So I had a little extra time this weekend and I finally ran the bass remote wire to the front of my car. I also ended up getting a set of front WeatherTech floor mats for an amazing deal at work. Since they are lazer measured to fit it makes the front floors look so much cleaner without having an ill fitting crooked floor mat.

With the inside of the car feeling fresh I thought the trunk needed some attention. I originally had a universal trunk mat and was slowly collecting too much junk such as cleaning supplies and top up fluids. I collected all my cleaning supplies into a bucket to keep at work. I also got rid of a lot of top up fluids that were in large 4L containers. The only items I kept were 1L of oil and 2L of washer fluid which are neatly kept under the trunk with the spare for emergencies. Lastly I have seen it done before online so it’s nothing original but I got my hands on a case of laminate flooring and cut out a new floor. I had planned to do this a while back when I first saw it but never had any motivation until now to do it.


9th Gen Civic Update #8

Update #8

So on the weekend I ended up finally getting around to making my new amp bracket. Not sure if I mentioned before but I had 1x 8″ Pioneer slim sub under the driver’s seat powered by a Pioneer amp. The setup was ok but I wasn’t quite happy with the performance. It definitely added much needed bass but the amp I had lacked some basic features because it was one of Pioneer’s older and cheaper amps so things like bass control weren’t there. I now have 2x 8″ Pioneer slim subs under each front seat powered by a Rockford Fosgate amp. I got it all set up properly using a multimeter and scope at work to make sure the overpowering amp was set right and that there was no clipping. I think the 2 subs give the interior cabin just the right amount of tight punchy bass and since they’re under the seats I don’t need to vibrate my panels off to feel the bass also. I’m also considering making more in progress shots almost like a DIY guide style or some youtube videos not sure yet though. Anyways below is the temp wooden bracket I was using while setting up the amp wiring and settings and the new metal bracket.

I also had a little extra time to refinish my Hella horns. While they are somewhat built to be exposed to the weather they definitely weren’t built to contend with the constant barrage of salt and dirt of winter driving in Canada and the screws they supplied started showing quite a bit of rust and grungyness. I purchased some stainless steel hardware and hopefully they hold up better. I don’t have any before shots but trust me they didn’t look nice. Also while I had them apart I added a few more coats of the metallic speck blue paint I use as an accent color. I think they turned out pretty good.