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CRKT Woods Chogan Paracord Handle Wrap

This is my new Tomahawk from CRKT and I will be posting a review on Amazon as well as on my site in the reviews section. Some people like the all natural feel of hickory however I prefer something with a little more grip. I first tackled the shoulder of the handle, I wanted some extra overstrike protection so I used normal 7 strand core paracord with a 2 strand ringbolt hitch as well as some headhunter’s knots to finish it off. Luckily the strapping on the sheath is spaced appropriately so that I could make the paracord long enough to serve as a grim when chocking the head without having it hinder the ability of the sheath to hold the handle. Next I moved on to the grip of the handle, here since the handle is a nice size for my hand I didn’t want to add too much more bulk so I opted to go for a coreless paracord. The grip wrapping is a simple wrap around which I probably could have done more tightly together as you can still see a little of the wood underneath but I’m happy with it. I then finished it off with another headhunter style knot and a constrictor knot to act as a swell and originally I was going to have a wrist strap but opted to just have a small loop so I can hang the tomahawk when not in use.

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