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Project: Cosmos Sv2 Update #13

Incoming Update #13 with more vlogs than ever! Check it out here: Cosmos Sv2 Update #13


Update #10 is live.

That’s right I skipped 9 and went right to 10 just like MS did. Here’s your links(oh alright I’ll give you link to #9 too I guess):

Update #9
Update #10


Update #8 on Project Cosmos Sv2

Check out the latest update here: Cosmos Sv2 Update #8


Thank you Ruben.

So as some of you may or may not know, and if you don’t know I suggest you check it out, I’m working on my personal computer doing some upgrading. I recently ordered a couple front bay covers from the Cooler Master Store and well one of them arrived damaged. I hit up their customer service and oddly enough there was no option to reach the CM store rep directly but the person who picked up the phone quickly forwarded me to Ruben the CM store rep. I kindly explained that one of the items I had received was damaged. My new part should be on it’s way once their system maintenance is finished.