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Mazda 3 Update #2

The second update of mods to the 3rd gen Mazda is live. Find it Here–> Update #2


Had a rainy day at work last week.

It rained pretty hard one day last week and it was slow so I was basically just watching our drain for a little while.



9th Gen Civic Sedan Update #9

Update #9

So I had a little extra time this weekend and I finally ran the bass remote wire to the front of my car. I also ended up getting a set of front WeatherTech floor mats for an amazing deal at work. Since they are lazer measured to fit it makes the front floors look so much cleaner without having an ill fitting crooked floor mat.

With the inside of the car feeling fresh I thought the trunk needed some attention. I originally had a universal trunk mat and was slowly collecting too much junk such as cleaning supplies and top up fluids. I collected all my cleaning supplies into a bucket to keep at work. I also got rid of a lot of top up fluids that were in large 4L containers. The only items I kept were 1L of oil and 2L of washer fluid which are neatly kept under the trunk with the spare for emergencies. Lastly I have seen it done before online so it’s nothing original but I got my hands on a case of laminate flooring and cut out a new floor. I had planned to do this a while back when I first saw it but never had any motivation until now to do it.


9th Gen Civic Update #8

Update #8

So on the weekend I ended up finally getting around to making my new amp bracket. Not sure if I mentioned before but I had 1x 8″ Pioneer slim sub under the driver’s seat powered by a Pioneer amp. The setup was ok but I wasn’t quite happy with the performance. It definitely added much needed bass but the amp I had lacked some basic features because it was one of Pioneer’s older and cheaper amps so things like bass control weren’t there. I now have 2x 8″ Pioneer slim subs under each front seat powered by a Rockford Fosgate amp. I got it all set up properly using a multimeter and scope at work to make sure the overpowering amp was set right and that there was no clipping. I think the 2 subs give the interior cabin just the right amount of tight punchy bass and since they’re under the seats I don’t need to vibrate my panels off to feel the bass also. I’m also considering making more in progress shots almost like a DIY guide style or some youtube videos not sure yet though. Anyways below is the temp wooden bracket I was using while setting up the amp wiring and settings and the new metal bracket.

I also had a little extra time to refinish my Hella horns. While they are somewhat built to be exposed to the weather they definitely weren’t built to contend with the constant barrage of salt and dirt of winter driving in Canada and the screws they supplied started showing quite a bit of rust and grungyness. I purchased some stainless steel hardware and hopefully they hold up better. I don’t have any before shots but trust me they didn’t look nice. Also while I had them apart I added a few more coats of the metallic speck blue paint I use as an accent color. I think they turned out pretty good.


Project: Cosmos Sv2 Update #13

Incoming Update #13 with more vlogs than ever! Check it out here: Cosmos Sv2 Update #13


Cosmos Sv2 Update #12

Here it is Update #12!


Update #10 is live.

That’s right I skipped 9 and went right to 10 just like MS did. Here’s your links(oh alright I’ll give you link to #9 too I guess):

Update #9
Update #10


Update #8 on Project Cosmos Sv2

Check out the latest update here: Cosmos Sv2 Update #8


LifeCam Studio Review

Here we take a look at the LifeCam Studio webcam from Microsoft.

LifeCam Studio Review


Thank you Ruben.

So as some of you may or may not know, and if you don’t know I suggest you check it out, I’m working on my personal computer doing some upgrading. I recently ordered a couple front bay covers from the Cooler Master Store and well one of them arrived damaged. I hit up their customer service and oddly enough there was no option to reach the CM store rep directly but the person who picked up the phone quickly forwarded me to Ruben the CM store rep. I kindly explained that one of the items I had received was damaged. My new part should be on it’s way once their system maintenance is finished.